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Q. How does GO GREEN GO DRY Carpet Cleaning compare to other national branded carpet cleaning companies?

A. GO GREEN GO DRY Carpet Cleaning is a locally owned and operated company and has an extremely dedicated team of individuals that will stop at nothing short of delivering total customer satisfaction. That being said, equipment and processes used by GO GREEN GO DRY Carpet Cleaning have been tried and tested for over 50 years and enjoy the endorsement of exalted homemaker, business magnate & media wonder Martha Stewart. 

Q. What is Your Spot Removal Guarantee?

A. All spots cannot be removed, especially those that have changed the chemical properties of your carpet. That being said, a vast majority of spots can be removed. Due to the nature of our dry carpet cleaning process, we can remove many spots that shampoo and steam cleaning systems simply cannot touch. The looks on our client’s faces are priceless after we remove a spot that has been treated many times in the past by other cleaning systems. Our Spot Removal Guarantee says that all spots removed by our cleaning system will stay Gone.

Q. Will There be any Additional “Hidden” Charges?

A. As part of our practice to provide No Surprise Pricing, we include all the necessary services to get your Carpet Cleaned properly and thoroughly. Some other carpet cleaning services advertise a low attention grabber price and end up tacking on all sorts of additional charges. Charges such as pre-treatment, spot remover, traffic booster, shampoo conditioner, deodorizers, stain protection and on and on. The final bill could be two, three or even five times higher. With GO GREEN GO DRY, we never charge more than a reasonable quoted price and we think that’s the right way to do business.

Q. Does GO GREEN GO DRY Move Our Furniture Before Cleaning?

A. With your permission, we will move furniture to thoroughly clean your carpet or tile. There are some exceptions depending on the size and condition of your furniture. Before starting the job, our representative will advise which items we can and cannot move.

Q. How Long Do We Need to Wait Before Using Our Carpet?

A. Since our carpet cleaning methods utilize a dry extraction system, there is no requirement to wait. Enjoy your plush, revitalized carpet right away!
When we say Bye, it's Dry

Q. Does GO GREEN GO DRY Carpet Cleaning clean Area or Throw Rugs

A. Yes, we clean all types of carpets & rugs including Oriental, Persian, Indian, Afghans and many other types. Our Dry Extraction system is perfect for these natural fiber or specialty rugs, which should not be cleaned with water based systems.

Q. Can GO GREEN GO DRY Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

A. Our pre-treatment spray and dry extraction cleaning system is ideal for removing pet odors. Best of all, this treatment is included as part of our commitment to offer no surprise pricing. The advertised price is the price you will get!

Allergy Suffers

In the industry that is allergy relief, just as with any market, there are a variety of products and providers available. One thing that manufacturers often do is proudly display any certifications they have attained for their products. But what do these seals and badges really mean or signify?

Certifications can vary greatly across a wide spectrum. Some certifications come from large, non-profit organizations while others are literally run out someone's basement. This has been and continues to be a huge problem in the area of green products and environmentally friendly certification. As a new market, this space has seen a flood of certification programs that are little more than a money-grab.

As any industry matures, the field of certifications offered, thins, and typically a select few will rise to the top of the certification list. In the case of green products, EnergyStar, LEED, and the new UL Environment certifications seem to have come out on top.

For allergy and asthma products, which seals carry the most weight? Allergy & Asthma Frendly? AHAM? Organic certifications? The logos look great, but again, what do those seals measure and mean to you?

Because seals and certifications are meant to inspire confidence as well as approval of a product, take the time to see what the ACTUAL standards are behind any seal or certification. If you cannot find the standards, criteria or testing guidelines, this can signal serious credibility issues with the seal.

Seal or certification programs help to provide a much needed baseline when measuring and comparing similar products or services against each other. However, they are just one factor, in a list of many, that you should consider when making an informed decision about any product or service that concerns your health. 
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Q. How good is service and job performance?

A.  He was prompt, polite and professional. Did both Upholstery and Carpet. Very nice job.
Would highly recommend him.

Ms. Kapron 
​February 2015

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Will did a great job. Thank you so much. Furniture looks new dried in a short time, 
Stairs looks great too.
Give you 5 stars *****

Debbi - 2/2016

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